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Interesting for Fitness metrics people.. but pricey

+Sharon Strandskov have you looked into this?

Athos – Wearable Technology for Fitness
Athos is creating the new standard for fitness by changing the way we train the human body.

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+Sandra Parlow 


People – Moody shadow light
Brunette, Lingerie, Blue, heels, fur

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I will admit I think the hardest part of photography to crack is the viewers mind…

I will admit I think the hardest part of photography to crack is the viewers mind and not the photos quality or even the subject matter.

As I have used the +500px site for some time I have come to the understanding just how difficult it is to make the jump from 98% to 99.9% in the voting algorithm.

It's really hard – I am not one to be big on voting in general but it is nice to see that others appreciate your work, that said I believe even if you make a amazing image in your own mind, someone else has always made a better one or one that at the time more viewers appreciate seeing.

The photo below at 98.8 (which I am not complaining about) to make the jump to the top of this page which is only a sub-category of "All Categories' (which is even more difficult to get to the top of) is a very big accomplishment – in upwards of thousands of views, votes and favorites. 

I have to say I think the biggest secret to getting to the top of any page is based on many factors, timing of the post being a huge one and the general category posted too, along with the need for a great image and one that makes people look for more than 2 seconds at it.

I have also determined that Landscapes and Nature are hands down what people want to see. But it does seem that beautiful faces and bodies are a close second.

This all goes back to the issue of cracking the mind of the viewers, a goal that is in constant motion and never is the same day to day.


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